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Lots of Possibility


Welcome to the website for the Louisville Metro Government Lots of Possibility competition!

About the Competition
Like most cities, Louisville is working to address issues of vacancy, blight and abandonment in its community. Vacant properties not only threaten the health, safety and vibrancy of a neighborhood – but they also are lost opportunities to create active places that strengthen neighborhoods.  There are several thousand vacant lots throughout the city – of which approximately 450 are owned by Metro Government and/or the Landbank Authority, Inc. and available for redevelopment. The objective of this competition is to not only engage the community and solicit innovative, affordable and replicable ideas to return these vacant lots into productive use – but also to provide seed funding to see the ideas through implementation.   It’s part of a broader strategy as the city works to implement policies and plans to reduce the number of vacant and abandoned properties that dot the city, with a high concentration in West Louisville. The city has identified more than 6,000 vacant properties and is addressing this issue with a multi-pronged approach including redevelopment and targeted demolitions and foreclosures.

Individuals or teams were asked to  submit ideas for either permanent or interim use of an eligible Metro-owned property.  Metro received over 100 applications by the February 24, 2014 deadline, from which 12 finalists (6 Permanent Use proposals and 6 Interim Use Proposals have been selected. The competition will award two people or groups $15,000 prizes and ownership of a vacant lot to implement their long-term plans. Two more $4,000 prizes and one-year leases will be awarded to people or groups for temporary plans, which would use the space until permanent development can happen. Finalists will be asked to prepare a detailed project proposal due April 2, 2014, including site plans, a budget, and plans for implementation, operations and maintenance. Proposals for permanent use must also include a floor plan and two building elevations. Finalists will present their project proposals in early April to a panel of judges consisting of community leaders, architects, landscape architects and Metro Government staff.

“We asked for ideas that are bold and out of the box, and our community more than met this challenge,” Mayor Fischer said. “We are thrilled with both the caliber and number of proposals received and hope the ideas will inspire exciting and energetic redevelopment.”  

“The review committee had a very difficult time narrowing down the list to the 12 finalists because there were many great proposals submitted,” said Bill Schreck, director of Vacant and Abandoned Properties (VAP) Initiatives for the Mayor’s Office. “While we can only offer direct support to four winners of Lots of Possibility, we hope that the applicants who weren’t chosen – and anyone else who has an idea about how to turn these lots into neighborhood assets – continue to pursue their ideas. Purchasing Metro properties is a relatively easy process and we are eager to work with citizens and developers who are interested in turning these lots into something positive and productive for our community.”

Press Release Announcing Finalists, March 7, 2014 (click here for PDF of press release).

The OpportunitySpace portal highlights the 12 "Lots of Possibility" finalists in the interactive map - you can click on each site to visit the location and read details about the proposed re-use.

2014 Lots of Possibility Finalists

Permanent use project category:  Click the project names to see PDFs of the teams' final proposals submitted on April 2, 2014. Presentations made to judges on April 10, 2014.

Temporary/interim use project category: Click the project names to see PDFs of the teams' final proposals submitted on April 4, 2014. Presentations made to judges on April 15, 2014

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Are you interested in starting a community garden on a vacant lot? Consider  the Brightside Let's Grow NatureScape Garden Grants that are available for gardens and beautification projects.

For more information or if you have any questions about the competition, please contact:

Curtis Stauffer, Grants Coordinator
Department of Community Services & Revitalization
Email: curtis.stauffer (at) louisvilleky (dot) gov
Phone: (502) 574-8298

This competition is a partnership between the Department of Community Services and Revitalization and Vision Louisville, with thanks to OpportunitySpace for providing our mapping tool. OpportunitySpace is a platform that helps communities find the best uses for public land using data and technology tools.


About VAPStat

VAPStat (short for "Vacant and Abandoned Property Statistics") is a program that uses data and metrics to assess Metro Government's performance in tackling the complex problem of vacant properties. This website is a one stop shop for citizens to learn about the programs and resources available through Metro to: prevent abandonment; ensure that properties are maintained according to Code via enforcement tools; and to support property redevelopment through acquisition and sale of properties.

Priority Areas


  • Abandoned Urban Property
    if a property meets specified criteria, it may be classified as an Abandoned Urban Property and subject to higher property tax rates.

Real Estate & Property

  • Purchase Property From Metro
    Buy a Metro Owned Property
  • VAP it! Request a foreclosure on a vacant property
    Request a VAP foreclosure

Redevelopment Opportunities

  • Affordable Housing Development Program
    Affordable Housing Development Program

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